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SelfCare strives to help people make healthy choices that are sustainable.

We offer all our expertise through online consultations, so no matter where you are, health is never far away.

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Don’t know which plan is the best for you? Just share your health issues and goals; our experts will help you make the right choice.

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We would love to know you better. Tell us about your lifestyle, diet, exercise regime & medical history to help us design a custom made plan of action, according to your needs.

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We modify your diet every week according to your progress made. Our nutritionist will keep in touch with you via video calls, instant messaging & emails to make sure we are always ‘online’ for you.

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Our philosophy focuses on helping you embody a healthier lifestyle which you can follow on your own, for the rest of the life.







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Health Products

SelfCare has a range of products that have been formulated to deliver health in an effective and tasteful way. We also have our signature line of recipe books to make healthy eating more fun!


Here’s moving forward to a healthier future & empowering ourselves with knowledge, because learning should never stop.