We will help you create an individualized treatment plan tailored to your specific goals. The length of your CoolSculpting session will vary depending on the number of areas being treated during one visit. We may schedule additional sessions in order to meet your goals.

Yes, money can be paid in installments depending on the package taken by client

Yes. Suman will meet the client personally for the first consultation. For further follow-ups she will be expected to meet the client depending upon the package taken by the client, or when there is a need to evaluate the reports and in case if the desired result is not achieved by client.

Yes. We have special discounts for Senior citizens and Medical professionals.

Suman & her team provides a vast range of services including various weight-loss plans, weight-maintenance plans and other health management plans such as weight-gain, pregnancy diet, lactation, diet for senior citizens, and post cancer treatment. The diet is planned according to the person’s lifestyle. She & her team include the regular food cooked at homes as well as restaurant menus in the diet. We not only provide you with diet and exercise plans, but will help you try and cure ailments and problems with food and vitamins. It will be a weekly consultation so that the client stays in touch with our nutritionists throughout their program. Suman & her team will ensure that you lose weight in a healthy fashion through a series of lifestyle changes.

She & her team understand that people who are put on very strict limited diets cannot sustain it over a longer period. So we provide a well-balanced distressing diet for four main meals (breakfast, lunch, snacks and dinner). The food prescribed goes along well with the food that is normally cooked at homes. We quantify the food depending on the person’s age, height, body-frame size and medical history. We plan out the exercise regimen most suited to the client.

We have a minimum of 5 – 6 days of waiting period. However, we do consider giving out an earlier appointment if there are out-station clients or if a client wants to take a premium package. Even clients with medical emergency can request an early appointment.

Yes, definitely. Depending upon the package taken by the client i.e. in Gold package clients will get 2 weeks grace period where as Platinum & Diamond package clients will get 4 weeks grace period.

Considering different requirements of people we have divided the packages in 4 categories namely Silver, Gold, Platinum and Diamond.

At Selfcare, Suman & her team guide you to opt for a particular package depending on your gender, age, height, medical history, blood reports, your personal requirements and lifestyle. We also have the facility of one-time oral consultation with Suman or our Senior Nutritionist.

No, we do not give tablets to lose weight but, we recommend vitamins. We believe in a holistic approach while preparing a diet plan. We suggest few vitamins along with a healthy diet plan and personalized exercise schedule which can aid in improving your immunity, stamina, fat metabolism and basal metabolism etc. While giving a weight loss plan, we make sure that you are only losing fat; Not losing muscle, hair, skin and mind.

Yes of course. Health is the best gift which one can give. You can avail for our gift vouchers at our clinic or call on this number 022 61312222 for the same.

Yes, we do have monthly health management plans for duration of 2-4 months for kids which supports fat loss, weight loss, height gain, sports nutrition and problems such as weight gain, low immunity, low vitamin levels and hormonal problems.

Yes, we do have monthly packages for to-be brides where we focus on healthy hair, skin, nails, weight loss and body toning. If your Big day is 2-3 months away from the day of your joining a plan, you can consider our new age CoolSculpting plan to remove your stubborn areas of fat. Apart from weight loss we have other packages that include Ailment control, Diet During Pregnancy, Healthy ageing with skin and hair care, Diet for post cancer, Diet for Weight gain, Specialized diet for senior citizens, Diet for kids and teenagers, 4 week detox diet, Cool sculpting for spot reduction and contouring.

We do suggest basic blood tests and the number of tests may vary depending on their current health issues, their inability to lose weight or medical history, which can help us identify the reason behind your current medical issues and also tackle the vitamin deficiency too. We also have introduced personal gemonic tests which can help you identify your risk towards developing top 25 diseases like cancer, diabetes, Alzheimer’s etc.